Monday, November 21, 2011


In honor of Thanksgiving here are a few things we are thankful for...........

Grandpa love

Fun times with cousins

Decorating cookies with Gigi

Silly family fun

and of course last, but not at all least, why the "Quiver Full" exists! In just a couple weeks we will be celebrating 7 years of marriage---wow how time flies! I certaintly can't imagine doing all this with anyone else!
Hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful thanksgiving week!


  1. You have SUCH a beautiful family!! And you look amazing Erica!

  2. sweet, sweet, sweetest of life, having all of you in mine, so grateful...happy you

  3. Oh I love these pictures! And I am so thankful for you my sister. Can't wait to see you and those sweet babies!

  4. Very well said Erica! Such cute pictures and memories! I love your belt...where did you get it? I know random blog comment. :)