Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finally a true snow day!

So finally (in March of course--and days after those dreadful storms and tornados!) we had a true/real snow day....and now it's melted and 65 today! But it was fun for while it lasted! It was
even a wet snow so it would stick together and form a real snowman! They had so much fun, so he is our creation......not as pretty as some I saw around here, but gosh it's been I don't know how long since I've done something like this?!!

They loved the snowman; and were so sad to see him melt away today


  1. fun day! aren't you glad it will be 70 by friday? love you, mom

  2. i think that other post is from mom...she must be logged into my acct from her computer. ha! cute pics of the girls :). We had 80 degrees here today! can't believe summer is starting so soon...