Friday, March 23, 2012


It's hard to believe that in a little over a week now March has come and gone. We started off with a bang of some crazy weather around here---all those awful storms, and some terrible tornado damage in some areas not far from us at all. I don't usually do well with the watches and the all honestly I really tend to completely freak out! They really were making it sound so alarming and deadly......I was packing up stashes of food and such thinking we'd be stuck in our basement. But as I watched news reports of others who had complete house destruction, who am to think my "stash" of food and water for my family would be kept from destructive winds?!

But we were thankful and so greatly blessed that the Lord had His hand upon not only our family but our city as well. No major action here as they were telling us all morning. Now we are on our way to Easter preparation and truly spring time weather! This week was beautiful and so wonderful to keep the little ones outside most of the week! And we can feel it as well as all our allergies are running strong around here!

We've done lots of the above (& bike riding, walking/running, chasing, etc.). The scooter above caused our first big accident of the season. As Reed hit a crack on the sidewalk and slide right onto the pavement. Ouch for sure! He still has a nice, big scab healing to show for it! Our sweet neighbors across the street have 2 small children as well (a 5 year old and almost 3 year old). So they all are ecstatic when they see each other outside! So they've had so much fun playing this week together! My neighbor and I joke saying we need an underground tunnel for them all to run back and forth between our houses!

Fun at the park earlier this week with sweet friends! John looks so happy I am taking his picture!

Emery-Claire enjoys lunch with sweet little Charlotte at the park.

We were excited to see sweet Eden this week! It's been too long since these two have played together.

Practicing our plies and jumps for the big recital next weekend.

We were very giddy that Daddy came to watch her practice at class today; so so so excited!

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  1. I wish we were having that nice weather...still a bit rainy and cool here in Tokyo. Love the updated pics of the kids. They are adorable.