Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our first season of Tee Ball

So this spring we had our first experience with tee ball (or wee ball as they call it for 4 & 5s). Reed's little friend down the street asked him to join the team that his dad was coaching. 

Getting ready for his first game!
the whole team

playing catcher

So for the months of April & May we had a handful of practices and games. He loved every minute of it! It was so fun to see him have so much fun and enjoy it so well. 

We had a lefty batter.....or so his daddy worked hard with him hitting with that left handed swing!

gigi and pops were able to each see reed play 

So proud of our little ball player! 


  1. It was such fun to watch him play. He showed such enthusiasm & focus. Always fun to see your blog updates. love you.

  2. He learned that last look from his dad!