Monday, June 11, 2012

School year wrap up!

 So at the end of May we finished up our "school"! Which for us was 2 days of preschool for Reed and 1 day a week of Mom's Day Out for Emery-Claire. I realized that this is really huge for us because now Reed is officially a kindergartener!! We have decided to send him to a local classical Christian homeschool----meaning 2 full days a week he will be in a classroom setting with peers and have instruction from a teacher in all his learning; then the other 3 days of the week I will continue his work at home with him. I am excited about this new adventure and obviously we will evaluate and determine if this option is best for our family at then of the kindergarten year. I was really considering buying curriculum and schooling him all on my own----kindergarten, I think I could manage. But being the only boy here and with all these girls, well, I just felt it so important for him to be with some other boys and really have some social time! So this option worked out for us, and I was so excited he would get both a classroom and homeschool experience! We were torn in knowing that the local school we are zoned for is absolutely fabulous! But ultimately, right now at this time, this is just the best decision for our family. And who knows he may attend there for 1st grade if we aren't happy with this fit, but for kindergarten we have felt this is what is best for us all.

4 years old and first day of school August 2011
Reed on last day of PreK May 2012--5 years old

Reed and Ms. Donna

Reed and Ms. Missy

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Reed in his spring performance with all his classmates! He did such a great job!

Emery-Claire first day of MDO September 2011--3 years old

Emery-Claire last day of MDO May 2012--3 1/2 years old (almost 4 years)

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