Thursday, June 20, 2013

More on 6 months

So in a little less than 2 weeks away this girl will be past the 1/2 year mark......she is just growing and growing so fast! I can't keep up fast enough! So right at the beginning of June (seriously are we almost to July??!!!) I did take her 6 month pictures.....
 she is seriously this smiley and happy and vocal almost all the time!

 FEET.......this month she found her feet and love to grab them whenever she gets a chance! she also started rolling over from back to belly! at then end of march she mastered belly to back---but of course got "stuck" and couldn't get back to her belly! now in the past couple weeks she's been rolling both directions!
 loves sucking....her tongue, her lip, her fingers, whole hand....anything she can! she is taking a paci some more to help soothe and can hold onto it some as well;
her tear duct on the right eye appears to have cleared up in the past couple weeks too. i realized over a week ago it wasn't draining and needing constant wiping. so shortly after turning 6 months (may 30th) it must have finally grown more and quit draining as it had been the past 6 months.
 all smiles and such a happy baby! we couldn't have imagined an easier 4th child!!!!

 big girl....her 6 month checkup she weighed in at 16lbs, 7 oz (50%) and 27 3/4" (97%)....this girl is gonna be tall unless her height slows down. she is definitely surpassed all her siblings in her rapid growth!
 love these feet! can't get enough of them!

Father's Day 2013

 we love you sweet Maggie Starks......oh how you brighten our are joy and such a precious blessing daily!

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