Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 years

So May 20th our sweet girl turned 5 years old. She had so much fun celebrating....and got lots of celebrating. Birthdays around here always seem to turn into birthday week!
 family celebration with dinner and dessert treat! 

 she loved getting her birthday balloons delivered from gigi and pops!

 our fancy nancy party

 gigi helped with the accessorize, makeup, nails.....definitely a hit with little girls to get made up "fancy"

 we decorated "fancy" placements

 the girls loved reading fancy nancy "spectacular spectacles" and then we decorated our own "spectacles"

sweet girls enjoying their sweet treats

Daddy and his girl

 daddy being silly at the party

 sweet friends

So fun and such a treat to celebrate our Emmy! We love you sweet girl....and are ever so thankful for you zeal and zest for life! Happy 5th birthday!


  1. OH MY, I love it!!! Especially Daddy's hat. :)) Sweet, sweet party!

  2. That was adorable! Great party and a precious birthday girl!!!