Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4 years

So today this baby of ours turns 4 years old.......
2:24pm this sweet girl was born......what a day it was! to say the least we were a little nervous at the fact that we were about to have our 3rd child in less than 3 years?!! (since it was july...we had 2 more months before reed even turned 3 years old?!!) crazy yes....but obviously the Lord's will and plan for our family!

we survived....and 5 months later this was our life......yes the 19 month old is trying to step on the 5 month old.....God gave us grace, much grace! grace towards each other in our marriage, with our children; and it was by Him we persevered!

 and then a little over a year later.....life looked like this.....never a dull moment with these three!

oh boy has this baby girl grown and changed.......such a sweet, sweet, but ever so curious baby girl she is! and sometimes she still is awful curious.....i think this is more her personality
that round little face and those big brown eyes! we sure have been smitten with you! and how fun and thankful that you and your big sister so adore each other! what a  sweet relationship you two have as you really have grown up together!

sweet sisters

of course always a daddy's girl

yes you always find a way to get into something......something you shouldn't, something you're curious about.....but that little cute face....who could resist you!
even this face.....the famous furrowed brow look.....i still occasionally see this look....it's still so stinking cute!

our silly girl

our little fish....you've yet to ever be afraid of the water! you still (whether you have that life vest on or not) will just jump right in!

 you wake up in the morning and this is your attire of choice most days

1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

our animal lover

and of course you are the best big sister

 we sure love this mary etta caroline.....thankful for her spirit and love in our family. she gives the best snuggles and hugs....always a big smile for everyone! we love you baby girl! you are a blessing to us indeed!
Happy 4th birthday!


  1. Oh so sweet! Happy Birthday Mary Etta! Thought of her the other day when we were avoiding Chick-fil-A on Cow Appreciation Day, remembering her 3rd birthday party!

  2. such wonderful and special moments captured! beautiful post!

  3. Thankful for this sweet treasure!

  4. Sweet, sweet post!! Happy Birthday ME!!!