Thursday, July 11, 2013

Strawberries and baseball

So in June 2009 we began our annual strawberry picking at Boyd's Orchard. The kids have always loved and we love the fresh and yummy strawberries! Last year with the dry weather the crops were never very good so we didn't get to go. But we made up and went this year! 

Strawberry Picking 2013

Here is Strawberry Picking 2010

Here is Strawberry Picking 2011
oh my how little are these 2 girls!! Emery-Claire was 3 years and Mary Etta almost 2 years

More pictures from this year's picking..........
 So excited to pick those strawberries!

 Sweet friends......

 I think this is the most they all have picked! As you can see from the previous years all they did was stand there and eat the strawberries!

Rocking and enjoying their treats afterwards!

My berry pickers

So also earlier in June we wrapped up our 2nd season of tee ball....well last year was actually "wee ball"......and next year will be coach's pitch if he wants to play again. Which I'm sure he will because this boy is all athlete! He continues to love all sports! He had fun playing......we didn't have the greatest team as I think they only won 2 games the entire season, but learning the game and having a good time is all that matters!

 Pep talks from coach after the game

2 best little buddies.....they loved playing ball together!

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