Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Savoring 11 months

So I'm a little behind in writing Maggie's 11 month post....since in a little over a week she is officially 1 year old??!!! How is it possible that we are approaching that first birthday.....I knew it was coming, getting closer and closer....but still hard to believe it''s already that time! She's crawling, busy, into everything, loves to eat everything, wants to be and do whatever the big kids are doing; totally entertained by them! She has all sorts of fun little tricks....raspberries, tongue clicks and other noises, shaking her head (especially to music--so cute), giving open mouth kisses (the sweetest), and lots of babbling to keep up with the loudness in our house! My personal favorite is "mamama" of course!

Now for some pictures.......
 I know I'm bias....but I seriously can't stand all this cuteness!

 This girl is all full of joy and sweetness!

So yes we are in the stages of putting together a small family celebration (I never do tons for the first.....and like it to be family) after Thanksgiving. Poor baby end of November/December birthdays.....you are just smack in the middle of the holiday season! But more to celebrate!

the cutest little cow in her first halloween costume.......almost all 4 of them have been able to wear!

Love love this snuggly, happy, smiley, laughing, joyful baby girl! So thankful she was brought into our family a year ago! We love you more and more everyday Maggie!

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