Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful 2013

so each november (i think this is year 3) we started doing a thankful tree...after being inspired by some friends i had seen. so here is this year's.....

i can tell at our ages....7, 5, 4.....they are getting the concept much more than even last year and really thinking beyond their usual "thankful for food!" reed wants to say he's thankful for Jesus almost daily....which is great, but I try to prompt him to think of other things Jesus has done for him that he can be thankful for.....Mary Etta often wants to copy what Emery-Claire says.....but she's had a few original pie (after we had some apple crisp after dinner one night), gum from Gigi, and daddy taking her to chick-fil-a.

so i can't find our previous thankful trees....maybe i forgot to take pictures of......

but i do have post from 2012  (though I'm pretty sure we did in 2011 and 2010??)

this year i've very thankful for these 4 little people and a godly husband who is so passionate for the things of the Lord.......


  1. love the pictures, precious and the note-worthy thankfulness...Jesus & gum...we couldn't do life without either :) mom

  2. We just got our thankful tree ready to go! This is my first year. We picked sticks at the playground and we are going to hang the leaves. :) Love the pic of the girls! Have you been sewing?! Cute!!

    1. oh yay! we aim to write on a leaf daily, but some days we miss! oh thanks sarah....wish i have been sewing! no time : ( you know i'm the rep for Orient Expressed children's honestly i have now just started buying them a few matching pieces since i have a much easier! i'm doing good just to get laundry, dishes, and food prepared around here these days!