Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Time, Fun Time

Ok, now the Willis Family officially has a blog to post fun happenings and events---like the rest of the world!

Thought we'd start with some fun pictures from our Christmas travels to see our families. Reed is now 15 months, and changing so much everyday! He was definitely more fun this Christmas than last year, since he did attempt to open some of the gifts (although he wanted to play with each strip of paper he ripped off in the process).


  1. He is sooo cute!
    Hudson got one of those ponies for Christmas also this year and he loves it. He named it "nay"...I thought that was hilarious. Kids are so funny. I miss you guys
    Kristy McKinney

  2. Hi Erica! It is your long lost friend Amanda Milton Sims....I found you through your comment on Allen and Gillian's blog...i was so excited to find your blog. Reed is sooo cute! It looks like you guys are having fun...and a new baby?!?