Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here is a happy picture of our little man---not really from today, but earlier this week. We've had a rough last few days. The stomach bug/virus; whatever seems to stay in our house! These past couple weeks Reed has been on and off sick with fevers, vomiting, etc. The past couple days he's had---fun, fun, diarrhea too! So he's had no desire to eat. Then last night Casey got the throw up bug, whooo, it's non stop sickness around here! But Reed seemed somewhat better this morning, so he and I still managed to make it to church and lunch with friends. Then we came home and he took a nap, and I finally had some rest from my basically restless night as well. Casey seems to be a little better and more alert this evening, so hopefully his too has passed. Hopefully this week everyone will heal and no more sickness will be in the Willis home!
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter celebrating the glorious day our Lord has risen!
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