Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trip to Knoxville

This week we went to Knoxville while Casey was gone on a spring break trip with students. We kept busy the whole time we were there playing outside in the warm weather and visiting with friends and family. Reed is posing here with his friend, Sadie Parker. She was overjoyed for him to come over and play. I know he doesn't quite look it, he too loved playing with her and at her house--especially diving down her slide!
Nana came up from Blue Ridge to visit one day too. He Reed is getting a ride on the "horsey."
My sister and I thought it would be cute to take the boys' pictures in their matching Easter outfits. After snapping my camera about 30+ times we finally got a few cute ones! These two are some of the better ones.

Reed wasn't too sure about Gigi pushing his cousin, Brody, on the tractor toy he loves! After he got off and Brody got on I almost felt the "no mine" phase could emerge at any moment now.
On another note, Reed turns 18 months this weekend---I can't believe he is 1 1/2 years old now! He got his hair cut today before his Easter pictures tommorrow. He had a hard time sitting still, but overall did great. Then for the first time got some M&Ms that the hair salon had at the front desk as a fun treat at the end. He called them "me." He is really trying to imitate so many words these days--it's so fun! Sometimes when you tell him to do something it sounds as if he is saying "yeah", so Casey is trying to teach him "yes sir", which he attempts--and it's so cute!


  1. I'm glad some of the pictures turned out. Reed did a good job sharing toys with Brody. It was just great having some time with you during this nice weather. Thanks for the visit and look forward to seeing you soon.
    Love you, mom

  2. We should have videoed him diving down the slide. Sadie Parker has been talking about her friend Reed who is "younger than me, because I am older." She loved having him here. And I loved having you here.
    Thanks again for coming over!