Sunday, March 23, 2008

18 Months old today......

Along with being Easter Sunday, Reed also turned 18 months old! Wow, 1 1/2 years now! He has changed so much lately! He is saying lots of words---well, approximations of them (such as dog, cracker, cookie, shoes, bath, etc). He tries to imitate so much of what we model for him. It's also funny that I've been trying to get him to use signs since he was 8 months old, and in the past couple of months he uses them all the time! He usually pairs them with his verbalizations---more and please are his favorites. He loves to run now, dances, even tries to snap his fingers to the music--it's so cute! He is such a joy. And I'm hoping with the soon to be addition of his sister and our soon to be move (whenver it finally does happen--nothing official with our house yet) that he adjusts well to all the changes.
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