Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 1/2 year old sweet baby girl!

Our baby girl is officially 1/2 a year old today. 6 months has passed since you joined our family, which I sometimes feel like it was just yesterday! She is such a tiny, petite little thing that I want to look at her and think she is only 4 months! But oh no, before I know it she will be crawling, walking, talking, etc. Some of the fun new things we are seeing her do lately........
  • She loves to grab at (mine mostly) faces and laugh, giggle, "talk" (lots of vowels, maybe a couple consonants thrown in there!)

  • She is so observant and alert, taking in all that is going on around her; especially when it comes to watching big brother

  • She is responding to her name, smiling and looking when she hears it

  • Smiles and laughs at Reed, it is so sweet to continue to watch them engage with one another; I know he is so excited for her to interact back with him

  • Feeding about 4 times a day/every 4 hours......which on the flip side we also started the cereal; I know I have posted before that she has always been such a slow paced eater, but I think lately she is sooooo much hungerier! And unfortunately since the cereal is only in week 2 I can't just add all these other foods to her meals yet, so I'm afraid the hunger/milk demand is not up to par with the all that to say we've had to occasionally supplement after a feeding here and there with formula----the girl just finally decided she was hungry!!

  • still a fabulous sleeper (typically 11-12 hours a night)! and usually a 2 -3 hour morning nap, 2 hour afternoon nap, and sometimes needs an hour or so in the late afternoon, and still ready for bed by 7/7:30!

  • she has almost mastered rolling back to belly.....I think I need to put her on the floor more to completely help her master this skill; she has been rolling from her back to her side and almost making it to her belly, but just not quite all the way yet!

  • when she is sitting in her bumbo on the table with a toy and then drops it, so cute how she looks and bends down like she is really trying to reach it! makes her look so big!

We love you sweet Emery-Claire and you are such a joy to us each and every day! Our family wouldn't be complete without you!!

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