Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

So yes it's Sunday and 2 days after Halloween.....well, we've had a very busy past couple of days so here I am FINALLY posting our pics from the weekend! Mom came up to help, since we thought Casey had to go out of town, which last minute he didn't! But we were still very glad to have her come and visit and play with us for the weekend! So here are a few of the things we did, and this is just Friday!

Our little man was a dinosaur....thanks to our friend, Quinton, whose costume we borrowed! He was so excited to be a dinosaur and LOVED wearing his costume!
We went to the local library that morning for a storytime and trick-or-treat time. Reed enjoyed that as he LOVES going to the library for our normal storytime weekly! Here he is listening intentively with a friend from our church, John, who is the Pooh Bear. I should have taken one of the two of them together, but in the chaos of the day you know how that goes!
Emery-Claire all dressed up as a little flower! She just rode in the stroller taking it all in and sucked those sweet little fingers!

That afternoon we met up with the Hardins to go trick-or-treating downtown. All the local businesses in our community participate in it all afternoon, so there are kids everywhere! It's really fun and such a cute idea! Reed LOVED saying "trick-or-treat" and was so in awe when someone would put candy in his pumpkin. At first he was trying to eat the suckers with the wrappers on them, but quickly would be out the door in order to follow the girls, Hannah and Leah ("Leela" as he calls her)! He was a trooper and so cute!

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  1. They are so cute. I love the dinosaur costume. So I see you have a finger sucker. I always wished that my boys would suck there thumb. I think they are just happier babies. Hope to see you soon.

  2. how fun! love EC as a little flower.