Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week 3

So our girl is now 3 weeks old! We survived our first week without Casey--but thankfully my mom/Gigi, was able to come up and "HELP" us lots! So it was wonderful, as always, to have her here. We are so thankful for you Mom/Gigi, and all you do for us! It's been a treat to have you around so much the past month, and so sad we don't get to see you as often normally. But we look forward to seeing you again! Casey just returned from the annual staff training, and is now gearing up for the fall semester to get started on the campus. So as for everyone else too, our summer is coming to a close and the craziness is just getting started! So here are a few more "summery" pics from our busy time at home.

Reed's usual attire...shirt and underwear (as we continue to work on potty training). And he picked out theses lovely navy socks to wear with his tennis shoes.

Mary Etta is now 3 weeks old. Still such a sweet baby girl! So does anyone think she looks like the other two? We're not sure who she looks like, but definitely different than her brother and sister.

First real bath!

Big girl here LOVES her sunglasses! And she is our climber too! She'll climb on anything, chairs, stools, in and out of things, this rocking name it she'll try to climb it! And over the past month or so she is attempting to take 2-4 steps at a time. But in the past day or so she is really attempting the 4-6 steps more and more, and often throughout the day. So I do think she'll be walking more than crawling here very soon! And she is really trying to imitate so many verbalizations, she is so fun and so sweet!
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  1. what a sweet family!!! we'll have to come up in the fall and see you alL!


  2. Congratulations Erica! Mary Etta is just beautiful. I'm so sorry I haven't been around. I'm actually going back to work at Morton tomorrow, so it's been crazy. Please let us know if you all need anything at all. We're around every afternoon/evening, and on the weekends. Hope you're doing well and surviving!

  3. Erica,

    It was so good to see you and your family for a short time the other day!! Your children are beautiful and a lot of fun! Hang in there during this crazy season. As Anna is going to school for the first time in a few days, I can tell you it flies by!!

    love you girl,

    Susan babcock