Sunday, August 16, 2009

One month, walking girl, and more!

Look who is 1 month old today! It's hard to believe that sweet little Mary Etta has been here with us for 1 month already! She is so sweet and such a joy to our family. She is a great sleeper and eater, which is mostly all she does these days! And believe it or not she has gone some 5 and even 6 hour stretches at night, woohoo!!

Sister love!

Nana came to visit this week. And both Reed and Emery-Claire loved having her here! We all had a great visit with her, and were she was so excited to finally meet her 2nd granddaughter little Mary Etta Caroline (who is named after her--Carolyn/and "Caroline" was her grandmother) and Etta (her mother).
Look who got her first pair of big girl shoes! They look so cute on those little feet! She seems excited to have them, but has already figured out how to take them off. So I can tell socks and shoes will be "fun" to keep on this little gal!

In the past week our little miss, just a week or so shy of 15 months, is on the move! I guess Reed started walking around 14-14 1/2 months as well (no early walkers in this family). But she is very much on the go now. We call her our little Frankenstein, as she walks holding her hands up in the air to support herself. And as you can see in the second video she is a climber as well. We always can tell when she has climbed up on something, as she laughs continuously letting you know she is so proud of her achievement (so you know what she is doing when she is out of view!)

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  1. That climbing is too much! She is like a little monkey! So cute! :)