Friday, September 11, 2009

First day of school!

Am I actually titling this, "First day of school"???? Well, not exactly school, but as close as it gets for now. We decided with the craziness of 3 under 3 in the house, that our often shy guy needed a little socialization and fun structure in his day. So this Thursday marked his first day experiencing the ever famous "Mother's Day Out" at our church. As we don't really have the added luxury of having done this sooner, we are very thankful to our all grandparents helping us out so Reed can have some fun times away from home during the week (which is only 1 day a week). He was a little timid as we talked about it earlier in the week saying "I don't want to go to school". But since it was just at our church, and his class meets in the same room as his Sunday school class, well I think that definitely eased the transition since he just thought he was going to church. And on Wednesdays we are also at church for a bible study I'm doing, so he had just been in that room the day before as well. He had a great first day, and his teachers reported he listened well, followed directions, and had fun with friends. Wouldn't you know too that, as original as I have thought his name was, there was a little girl there named "Reid". So in the whole 6/7 kids in the class, how funny two have this same name!
He was very cute saying bye to Casey and Emery-Claire (he even kissed her on the cheek as he walked out the door). He sat with Casey so sweetly before we left too as his Daddy prayed for his big first day! I was proud of the little guy for going and leaving so well. And he wore the big boy underwear there, and did great going potty for the teachers! Which by the way he does great at home as well, and has since probably June. But I haven't always been too eager to take him out in public in them, afraid of having to deal with the dreaded "accident". But in the past month or so we have been trying it more often and he is doing well! Yeah!
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  1. What a neat day! Congrats on this special 1st step. Love you, mom/gigi

  2. How exciting!!! Wait til he goes to kindergarten--it has been sad for this mommy. I love his shorts--Carson has the same pair. You look like you are doing very well with 3 kiddos. When are you coming into K-town.