Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yeah for babies!

We've officially entered into the phase of baby dolls! Emery-Claire has 3 little soft baby dolls that she has been sleeping with, though typically they rarely stay in the crib with her, I am constantly collecting them from behind her bed (which by the way she thinks is hilarious since she laughs and giggles as I fetch them for her). She very distinctly says "baby" (very dramatically). So today while Reed was gone to play with his buddy, Deacon, I pulled out the doll stroller she had received from my sister at her birthday. Since she is walking really good and fast now, I knew she'd be more stable to actually play with it and enjoy pushing it. So round and round she went through the house this afternoon with the babies, so cute!
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  1. Oh Langley would love that stroller!! Hers is a bit smaller and not as "real-life" as that one!