Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's football time!!!

Playing outside Friday afternoon....sporting Daddy's team colors.

Sisters watching the DAWGS on the couch with Daddy.

Mary Etta sat with her Daddy (who didn't want to be pictured due to his team's not great first game performance), but she tried to root with him by sporting the Georgia paraphernalia.

We love the start of football season at our house. It's definitely something we look very forward to at the end of the summer! Since we moved in January though, we thought we would try to cut out the cable.....which for this time of the year is a big stretch for our family! We have considered getting it for this season, but still hadn't for the first big football season opener weekend. So we were excited to see all of our most watched SEC teams had games on the major networks. Of course I was very excited to cheer on the VOLS and see them win their first home game, but Casey was not so happy at the DAWGS performance Saturday. We will see how our teams continue throughout this season. Though as much as I love watching Tennessee football, I know with a new coach and all I know I can't expect too much this year. Casey I know will hope to see the DAWGS do much better than Saturday's game. And of course we always have a "house divided" when Georgia and Tennessee play!
And gotta love my new added picture of all 3 at the top (also taken on football Saturday)! It totally depicts all 3 of Reed picking at his nose, Mary Etta not too sure of what she is sitting between, and our happy and playful 1-year-0ld!


  1. Mary Etta's little facial expression looks like 'oh,no'...feeling the pain of the DAWGS! What great pics of all of them, little E.C. looks like she was cheering on the teams. Thanks for posting, just love getting these glimpses into your everyday life with these precious babies. Sure miss all of you, can't wait until Sept. visit! God bless.

  2. girl, you must really love your husband to be rooting for the Dawgs, and not the Vols as much this season. I expected to see a little orange on your kiddos. ;)