Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day.....Late, but not forgotten!

Mother's Day 2010 with my little monkeys!

Happy Mother's Day (just a little late......)

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! I enjoyed my sweet flowers picked out by my 2 favorite men, a wonderful hot latte, and a great Sunday lunch! Our above girl was a little under the weather so we attempted to go to church but had to leave after barely making it through Sunday school.
I know I'm so thankful for my dear, sweet mom! She is truly the greatest mother, grandmother (Gigi), friend! We are so blessed mom to have you be apart of our lives, and so ever thankful for your love, wisdom, and abundant heart! We treasure our times and visits with you and look forward to them again! You are truly a model of motherhood in all your sacrifices, serving, and love over the years! I hope I too will be half of this to my 3 children! I love you!
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  1. love your mother's day pics! everyone is getting so grown up:) thanks for the info. on strawberries. it is good to know that they come back. i am so new at gardening and i really know nothing, just learning as we go! it has been fun, though, and the kids love being a part. hope you guys are doing well.