Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photo storage

So here is a post without pictures.....and I have so many cute/fun ones from the weekend! This week our baby little girl turns 2!! I can't believe she's been with us for 2 years now! Crazy!! We had a fun little family celebration this past weekend, and as usual I took way too many pictures! But I definitely have good and bad in the mix, so I will delete some. But we are having major computer issues lately--basically it's on it's last leg and could crash at any time all that to say; I'm not allowed to download any photos til we get a new one! So my question to all you blog readers--though I don't think there are very many of you...but the few that do read do you store your pictures?? We don't have a Mac, though that may/hopefully be what we replace this one with. So on our PC I have a photo program called Picasa. I can do all sorts of editing and cropping in it. Then I usually download them to Shutterfly, which is where I "permanently" keep them and order them from. We do have a backup hard drive, so if the computer were to crash then they are also on that as well. I got tired of downloading everything to CDs, so I figured between Shutterfly and Hard drive they were safe. Though I don't delete them off the computer b/c if I want/need an old picture it's "easier" to use if when it's in Picasa. So looking for ideas suggestions of how to best work with pictures......saving them, etc. I know it uses up more and more space when I keep them on the computer...Casey says that is half the problem of our computer wearing it is all the pictures I have on here from the past 6 years! So what do you all do??? I'd love to know! Maybe it will help me...b/c I think once we get a new computer I will have strict guidelines!


  1. I think you need a mac and a backup hard drive. We just purchased a new mac computer and it has lots of storage. We plan on getting a hard drive on the tax free weekend. Casey could probably get a 10% discount for working on campus. I was able to get one for working at Vandy. I think you need a new computer and a hard drive. That should help alot!!

  2. i think a hard drive would work. this is much easier than putting them on cds. we just got a mac laptop too, but i have no idea to use it yet! i am excited about it though!