Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 10 Months!

As our computer is majorly on the way to dying I thought I needed to post this ever so important
mark of hitting 10 months! I was trying to crop and add light to this photo, and it wouldn't upload to the blog (I'm sure b/c this thing is ready to crash at any moment now). Hopefully we will be doing something this weekend! Anyways, a little over a week ago our girl has turned 10 months old!!!! We can't be 2 months away from her first birthday, but yet we are. She really is so fun and such a joy--so I wanted to record some new things that have developed for her in the past month........

  • Crawling! Right after turning 9 months, she was officially on the move!! At first it was just to get a desired object, but now this girl is everywhere! And truly exposes how dirty my floors are when I see her dirty knees and hands; oh yuck!
  • Pulling to stand! She is pulling up on anything she can grab hold of these days. Dollhouses, Leap Frog table, wagons, etc, etc. I know shortly will be cruising.....sigh
  • Waved bye-bye! Just a little over a week ago she started moving that little hand side to side as we said bye....and even tried a little "bu" with it! The other day I was reading the bigger kids a story and some repetitive "bye" was in it....she kept stopping and sitting up to wave and say "bu" every time I read that line--so cute!
  • And the one not so good thing we've seen this last month.....waking up in the middle of the night?!!! At first I thought it was sickness/teething/growth spurt?! Didn't know what was going on! It lasted a week and then she went back to normal--so ok it passed. Wierd since she's been sleeping through the night since like 7 weeks old. And teething has never bothered the other 2 and woken them up--but I realize they are all different and go through theses stages differently (I can't expect all of them to do it the same). So great a week, then it passed.......well after a week of NOT waking up, then it started again about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and is continuing every night now! So is it habit? I don't know! It is not always the same time, so maybe it is hunger?? I am feeding her veggies, grains/carbs, fruits, proteins now--so trying to get all I can in her during the day in addition to nursing; but yet she continues to wake up. But she nurses (I truly never thought I'd nurse a waken baby in the night after months on end of sleeping through the night) and then goes right back to sleep! I have thought maybe I should let her "cry it out"---but she is hysterical and so very wide awake! And even if I did turn of the monitor to let her "cry it out"....lets be honest, would I rest and sleep while she's screaming (and worrying the other 2 don't wake up)--probably not! I'm praying this is some sort of phase that will pass and she'll eventually go back to sleeping normally.
So that is our girl now at 10 months old! Where have these last 10 months gone?! She is so fun and such a joyful baby girl, but definitely keeps me on my toes as she's not the typical run of the mill/go with the flow 3rd child! We love you still Mary Etta, and are thankful for your sweet little life! The light in your eyes and smile when you see each one of us each and every morning is precious!

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