Monday, June 28, 2010

11 months

So last week our baby girl turned (gulp!).......11 months! I'm just really in denial, because she is just a baby to me. But it's just part of it....she's growing and getting bigger, and doing more and more things everyday.
11 month notings.......
  • no more middle of the night wakings! yeah! i am most excited about this one for sure! for some crazy, unknown reason (maybe a growth spurt??) mary etta was waking up on and off in the 9th and 10th month--and was eating! i've NEVER had a baby due this--and since I hadn't fed her in the middle of the night since she was like 7 weeks old, it was so wierd to start up again. but she was hysterical and screaming and after she ate she passed out. so who knows, but i'm thankful it stopped since i felt i was living back in newborn baby phase all over again!
  • crawling, crawling, crawling--everywhere!!!! she had been crawling but she is definitely all over our house and into to whatever she can find! we often find her playing in Reed and Emery-Claire's room---she loves it in there!
  • using some "words"---mama (is often), uh-oh (uh-uh is her production), and bye-bye with her wave
  • 3 teeth now--she's had the 2 middle bottom teeth since 8 months, and now 2 upper teeth on left side are poking through
  • trying to cruise....seen a few steps occasionally, so not all the time yet, but i know it's coming!
So how funny I just figured out how to "add text" to my pictures??!! After trying to "tape" on numbers and fighting the pull-off and re-stick.....these last 3 pictures I was able to add text since she had already pulled and ripped the numbers off. Why I had I never noticed this before??!!
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