Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swimming Willis Style

So we've been doing LOTS of swimming these days---to cool off from true summer weather these days! We even created our own "water slide" (fabulous idea of mine).
We LOVE pouring water!
AND spraying the hose......
On our sister--that is!

FYI--if you put your play structure into your pool to create a "water slide" be prepared after multiple times of impact down the slide you will put a hole in your pool. So after busting the pool we had to get another pool. Casey tried fixing it with some sort of wood glue---and shockingly it appears to be holding the water in. So I guess now we have double the fun with 2 baby pools! We also have been going to the Y pool lots, but you probably won't see any pictures from there as I'm chasing after 2 little fish (while baby sister hangs out in the nursery) and have no time to create Kodack moments!
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