Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guess who.....

has stood without support AND taken 2-3 steps without support as well??!!!
Our sweet Mary Etta of course! She is so proud of herself, and everyone cheers her on---then she stops and claps for herself as well (so sweet). Oh, clapping.....while we were at the Summer Project for staff fellowship time a couple weeks ago she clapped for the first time. What makes it even sweeter is when.......
After dinner each evening we would have a family worship time---all the kids would sit on the front row (I believe there were about 17 of them--so probably 2 rows!) Shane would lead the worship up front and sing kid friendly songs with clapping and hand motions for them all to participate in. I wish I would have taken some pictures b/c it was so sweet seeing Reed and Emery-Claire sitting with all the other children and enjoying that time. So during one song they were singing too and clapping all of sudden Mary Etta (who I was holding as standing on the side watching the other kids) started waving her arms and clapping as well! She was just grinning ear to ear and clapped throughout the song---oh so sweet! It just filled my heart with joy to see her join in---and know her first claps were praising the Lord (whether she knew that or not :)
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  1., first steps, so exciting!she'll probably be a pro at walking before long & you'll have all 3 chasing each joyous sounds than their laughter.
    love, mom/gigi