Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Home

So today we closed on our new home (seen above). It has been almost 2 years ago today that we sold our previous home to live in our current rental home. Moving is always bittersweet, but I suppose we should be pros at it by this point in our marriage. We are about to celebrate our 6th year of marriage next month--and would you believe that this house above will be our 5th house!!! I know 5 houses in 6 years--kinda crazy, huh?! But we do plan to STAY PUT!!! And of those 5 houses 2 were rentals and this is our 3rd to own! But we are excited as we will be still in the same area, and right around the corner from a very dear (one of my besties :) friend from college---so lots of history there! So now we have about 2 months to rip up, rip off, tile, paint, refinish floors, etc. etc. We are thankful and very blessed at how the Lord provided this home, and know after looking at houses on and off for over 2 years now (we started looking when we put our last house on the market in early 2008--but the sale wasn't final on it til Jan. 2009) this is where He wants us--as He so perfectly provided the means and the way for this to be our home. There are memories in this current home--our 3rd baby's first home, and just life with small children in this house! But we will have more room and memories to be made in this new home as well!

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  1. We just closed on a house last week! This will be our 5 house in 3 years; so I hear ya about the moving--so no more moving for a long time:) Congrats!