Saturday, November 20, 2010

This week....

we've played outside, a little cooler weather & some rainy days here; I've been practicing more with the camera--some shots are good, some not so good--I think this manual thing is sure hard to keep straight; and we've been working, working, working (or rather Casey has been--because we sure haven't seen him much at all this week) on our house! Most everything has been ripped out that is going to be ripped out, we have a HUGE dumpster in our yard for all the trash, drywall got put upstairs in kids bedrooms and hallway, wallpaper being removed in our bedroom & bath--almost ready for painting, & my stepdad is here as I type this so he & Casey can get ready to start laying some tile--so we are moving along!! I really can't believe we are doing this, but we are! Crazy!! I think it's going to feel like a blurr to enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas this year with all of this over our heads--but amongst the stress we are excited & thankful too!

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