Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big Day!

Yesterday we got to have a fun little surprise..........

Aunt Nee Nee (a.k.a. my youngest sister, Sarah) came to visit us up here; well she came to bringing some babies to a local hospital here in town. So we were able to meet her over there and give hugs and hellos, and the exciting part---"tour" the ambulance! Sarah is a NICU nurse and has recently started "transporting" babies---so exciting indeed! This was of course an ambulance transport, but she has been up in the air too! We are so proud of and so excited for her!

So here they are checking out the inside of the ambulance. Reed was so excited as the driver let him push all the buttons and turn on all the lights.

Sisters checking out the seats in the back.

Reed and Aunt Nee Nee---he was just so excited! Can you tell?!

Not so happy it was over and they had to best picture we could get.

Today we went to the dentist......Reed of course has been several times but this was Emery-Claire's first time for exam and cleaning. Very excited as you can see!

She did SO GOOD!! She is very excited to take home her bag of goodies! She laid as still as she could and didn't fuss or whine at all! She even let them take her x-rays---the hygienist was amazed and said this 2-year-old was better than some of their bigger kids. Who would of thought?! I think big brother kept talking about his excitement and how he "loved the dentist" and she got to watch him first, so I guess all that helped her because when she has to go to the doctor she is terrified! So we sure have had some big days around here lately!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!! I love the new header & your pictures are so clear, great shots & so sweet. Love the one of Casey & Etta.
    So fun to see them w/ Aunt Sarah.
    She's such a neat aunt to provide this opportunity. Thanks for these...made my day! Can't wait to see everyone. xoxo & big hugs. love you, mom