Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our "Embrace the Camera"

So I've enjoyed seeing my friend, Joy, with her "Embrace the Camera" photos every Thursday. I am realizing how I hardly ever get pics of me and the children in just everyday life---it's usually when we are primped and ready to go "wherever" (which isn't often with 3 small children)---hence it was probably Christmas that I took a picture with me and one of them! So I've decided to "steal" Joy's idea of embrace the camera here is ours for today!

here we are in all our "stay at home mama with 3 young babies" glory---we've been outside enjoying this weather so no fix ups at all! So since the girls are still napping and Reed just got up from rest time, I thought it fitting to start our series with our oldest---and sweetest boy! I can't believe this sweet boy is 4 1/2 years old now!! My sweet baby is getting so big! But what a joy it is to continue to watch him grow and get to know him more and more! We are so thankful for him! And of course being that it is St. Patty's Day--my children all are wearing green--I of course never put any on (just grabbed the first t-shirt out of the drawer). Though it is some sort of UK (well, Campus Outreach UK shirt that is)---I suppose in honor of the CATS playing in the tournament today?? Though I'm still a TN fan/girl through in through, but I just don't think they'll make it very far this year--- (nor did I put them in my bracket very far either : ( Looking forward to a better/maybe football season in the fall! So we'll see.

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  1. whoo-hoo!!! so glad you joined us this week! :)
    love the picture - you two are cuter than cute!