Monday, March 7, 2011

New name

I thought it only fitting to change our name to "Our Quiver Full" as I've had the Psalm 127 verse there for some time now. And now I was able to "collage" our header---I love finding out new ways to play with our pictures!
And onto pictures, as I know grandparents out there love seeing them!

Sweet time with Daddy after a bath

Fun with the dirt outside

**And an update on the is day 21--whoohoo! It really has not been too bad. Though I am more relieved to not have to prepare so much separate food/meals. Though I do feel I can continue my "no sugar", "less bread/carbs", and even "less dairy" to continue these better eating habits. I have felt good and it's been a nice break from all these food groups. I think overall creating new patterns for 21 days is going to make it easier to continue such patterns.


  1. Don't act like the grandparents are the only ones that care about pictures! You know some aunts like them too!!

  2. love the new look and the pics. glad the 21 day cleanse is over for you ... just in time for lent :) I'm giving up sugar. It will be hard but good. see you soon