Thursday, April 28, 2011

Embrace the Camera-Thursday April 28th

As many have been commenting and posting all day, we too are so thankful that our family, friends, and loved ones are safe from the devastating storms that passed through most of the southeast yesterday. So many have posted pictures and videos of scenes that I know I can't even imagine witnessing. Our hearts have been heavy for all those affected, and we've continued to pray for them today. So today while "embracing" I am so thankful for our simple, very uneventful day, and most days, spent loving, nurturing, playing, singing, teaching, training, discipling--our 3 small children. Thankful for a dear husband who leads our family, and puts up with me and all my sin! Thankful for so many undeserved blessings!


  1. sweet picture, Erica! your family is beautiful!

  2. This is a fantastic photo!!! Such a beautiful family.

  3. Sweet Easter pic! Loved your run down of Easter sunday morning....definitely can relate! And praise the Lord for RISING!! :D Happy Mothers Day too! Trying to catch up on blogs tonight. :)