Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Thursday--so another "Embrace the Camera!"

Today I thought I'd post of picture of me and my girl #1.......our sweet, little, energetic Emery-Claire. This girl is so full of spunk and life! She truly is her daddy made over! Not only does she look SO MUCH like him (just in a girl version) but she has his zeal and zest for life as well. She doesn't meet a stranger....she is often wanting to converse or know who it is walking down our street by our house, or who people are when we go to a store or restaurant. And if she sees other children she just loves to make friends and play with other new children. And the she seems to have his tender, humble heart for the Lord (or so I continue to pray) too. She is always singing......Jesus Loves Me, Holy-Holy-Holy, Shout to the Lord, and many, many more that she knows all too well. She also loves to pray and is so eager to pray all too often. It's so precious to hear her sweet words to the Lord. We are so thankful for this little girl, even though she is a little more fiesty and tiring than our other 2 children--but she is still a blessing from the Lord!


  1. Sweet picture!!! Glad you all are doing well :)

  2. Such a little angel! I know her and Langley would hit it off!