Monday, July 4, 2011

A day in the life-Monday & Happy 4th!!

So I saw on another blog how a mom was doing "a day in the life" for a week. It seems to be that this season with young children is passing too quickly, so this is one way to capture some detailed memories of this sweet time. So I thought for Monday-Thursday I'm going to try writing down all the details of our week. I realize this is probably really boring to anyone reading this, but I'm hoping in years down the road when no one is younger than 5 or 6 (and school age, teenagers, adulthood, etc.) I can look back and really remember what our days were like during this time.

My alarm went off at 6:15--at some point in the night (I think due to a thunderstorm and neighbors shooting off some fireworks) Emery-Claire woke up and was scared, so after a couple of attempts of putting her back to her bed she just ended up finally in ours. So I tried to very quietly exit our bed so I wouldn't wake her. I then dressed and got ready for my morning run. So I hit the pavement and ran about 3 1/2 miles.

Fun in the rocking chair on the front porch

When I got back the house was still quiet (so nice and refreshing) at 7:20. So I put a load of towels from the washer to the dryer. Then sat down to check some email and balance the checkbook. Then at about 7:40 EC woke up, and laid on the couch with me while I finished the checkbook. Time for breakfast now at a little before kids wake up hungry, and are ready to eat! So we went into the kitchen to make some oatmeal, and a little "green lemonade" juice. Reed was up shortly after that, and Mary Etta slept till 8:45! Sometimes that little girl can sleep in--so nice! While they ate breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher. Then they played in the playroom while I changed out some laundry. We all went upstairs to get dressed, then put away clean clothes, made beds and picked up and organized up there (what had seemed to be a mess for the past week!) They love turning on music---especially Mary Etta. She is constantly asking for it, saying "singing?" So she loves to just even sit in front of CD player and attempt to sing the few words she can get out with the tune. I keep the CD player in the bathroom so it's in between both of their rooms. So at one point she wanted to climb up on my lap with her blanket while we sang together. It's so sweet, and she is so happy and full of smiles. She was so cute as she'd adjust the volume and say "soud" (for loud). Speaking of blanket, it has become a big security lately. It was building to be over the past couple of months (and it's this hot fleece/thick blanket--but she doesn't care here in the heat of the summer). Last week (Wednesday night I believe) we decided it was time to take the paci away. She has been our biggest paci child for sure! Reed loved his, but I was more on the ball and took it away at about 18 months. But ME I have let it linger longer, b/c A)she loves it so and it seems such a security and comfort to her; and B)I was so afraid she wouldn't sleep! (since she has been our most crazy sleeper of all 3). But she really has done fabulous! The first night she went right to sleep--not a cry or anything and slept all night! And the other couple nights/naps she asked for it some and whimpered some, but easily still went onto sleep! So success I suppose! I guess she is officially weaned from the paci! She still mentions it some, but there have been no huge fits or meltdowns at all!

After we were done upstairs we came down to the playroom for a little snack and the end of Sesame Street. While they were watching & eating I was cleaning up and organizing the bathroom downstairs. Lots of organizing and putting away today, as I have gotten really behind since we got home last Sunday from project. Last week was so busy so it was taking me forever to get caught up it seemed! After SS was over, and they did watch another 30 minute show (since we only saw the last 15-20 minutes of SS) we went outside on this cloudy but still muggy day to play for a bit. Then we came inside again and they looked at books while I got lunch ready. This is the 4th of July.....and I know it seems most people have parades and such to go to. Unless I didn't look into this enough the only one I saw was downtown and it was at like 2pm?! That is not the greatest time for us, so we obviously will not make that parade. I think my kids would love a parade. I'm sure there was something smaller also somewhere around here, but I didn't really look that hard into it, so our day is really going pretty routine until our plans later today.

Looking at books before lunch

After lunch we all got on the couch and read some books together. At least Reed & EC, Mary Etta only sits still for books very briefly--and with ones she really likes/wants! Then about 1:30 it was rest time. The girls both napped in their rooms, and Reed in our room looking at books. He rarely falls asleep anymore. So I make him stay in there to read quietly. So I can get some things done! I was able to clean the bathrooms. I also made a pot of coffee (I know crazy time of day, but I never had any this morning and was craving some!) while I sit down to do some computer time and pay bills and organize for my week (menu/grocery list/to do, etc).

I let Reed get up to do some puzzles, color, and have a snack about 3ish; so I could keep doing my other "to dos"....that I was apparently so behind on b/c it was taking forever! EC was up by a little after 4, and I think we had to wake up Mary Etta a little before 5! I quickly jumped and showered off (since I had yet to do that from that morning run--unfortunately this is often the case alot of days!) I grabbed the pool bag and other necessities (while Casey loaded everyone up), and we were able to leave a little after 5 to head to a friend's house for swim and cookout.

Happy 4th!!!
or 4th of the live! (as EC has been saying!)

So everyone had been swimming earlier in the afternoon, so we didn't end up swimming. Reed was really disappointed when we left as he was asking the whole time in the car and on the way home, and while we were there (poor guy was so sad we weren't swimming). But they did have fun playing with a few new friends while we were there. We probably stayed a couple hours, then could tell we reached our limit and needed to head home. So I let them play outside for about another 20-30 minutes then off to the tub--where Casey & I both quickly tag teamed washing/drying/dressing/brushing teeth of all 3. Everyone was in bed by 8:30. I know it's 4th of July, but they are little and tired from a long day, so it's so hard to keep them up to see some maybe in a few more years it will seem easier to do things like that, but right now it is just too much work! And not to mention I think EC would be really scared of the noise, as the past couple nights you can hear people setting them off and she wakes up and comes downstairs crying because she is scared.

Fun outside before bed!

So now Casey and I will enjoy our evening---well, until all these people around here start setting off fireworks. Oh and here is EC crying already. We tucked her into our bed (and can hopefully mover her later--somehow our bed is more comforting and she falls right to sleep!) So now a quiet house! And soon I'm off to bed to start over and do it all again tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great day celebrating our country's birthday!

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  1. this was great capturing of 'a day in the life' wonderful pictures...sweet days that although also present with their challenges, so by too quickly! love you.