Friday, February 17, 2012


Friday (well really it's now Saturday; I started this post on Friday and am finally finishing it up on Saturday). I know I've been very absent in the blogging world these days. Just busy, busy, busy around here. And I guess just life in general has left me unmotivated in blogging---as well as many other things these days. We've had a full week here. From story times, playtimes, school days, Valentine parties, & sickness--yes I've had a lovely out of season sinus infection. I'm sure thanks to this "not typical weather."

Not sure why this is so tiny...probably something to do with how I downloaded; oh well. But these are the beautiful roses my sweet husband brought me home this week! Love the pink!

My only other Valentine picture from the week.....seriously I am slacking in my picture taking lately! My girl and I attended a local bookstore storytime on Valentine's Day. She loved it! And it was special for her to do her own thing since both brother and sister had parties at school.

My big boy writing all his letters this week! I came into the room before we were about to start some school work and saw he'd written these all by himself! I didn't even ask him to! He did ask me how to make an "s" I wrote samples for S-Z....but basically he did this all on his own!

And last, but not least, this was my Saturday morning. I got to go to a workout class and Daddy occupied the little people for several hours while I exercised, planned for the week, and read. Good, good morning!
May this be my heart and prayer as deeply humble as the Puritan writer......
"O how desirable, how profitable to the Christian life
is a spirit of holy watchfulness
and godly jealousy over myself.
when my soul is afraid of nothing
except grieving and offending thee, the blessed God,
my Father and friend,
whom I then love and long to please,
rather than be happy in myself!"


  1. you know 'least' can be better & it doesn't matter that you take less photos or do less blogging or capture the pictures of the most special give more quiet to your heart/mind/soul by less time w/all the other activities & quiet is good, time alone is good, resting your mind/heart/soul in HIM is good....i pray for more quiet time in your life! hugs to you & love you...

  2. *Valley of Vision* is wonderful! Balm for my soul! And look at Reed's letters--he's on his way!