Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is this winter?

So I haven't really blogged much lately. I think after all the holidays and excitement I always feel like the first of the year kinda puts one in a slump of sorts. I even find myself hardly taking any pictures......I think in the whole month of January I took maybe 10-15 pictures?! Not really like me who ends up with over 100 pictures typically every month! And we've been busy--adjusting to our new "normal" I suppose too. I've been up and down with all that, we still have been doing preschool, homeschool, figuring out kindergarten for next year, ballet again, fun play times with friends, and this "not normal winter" we are having. Usually by now it's snowed multiple times and the weather is just so unbearably cold....but now it's February and it's been really mild. We've even had quite a few 50something degree days and been able to play outside for more than 15 minutes?! Nice, for sure to not be cooped up in the house all day long---but just not what we usually experience this time of the year. I finally took the camera outside while they played yesterday afternoon and thought I'd play some with it...kinda feeling like it was collecting dust just sitting on my counter!

"let me catch the ball Reed"

This boy is seeming so big to me more and more everyday! How did that sweet little baby grow up so fast?! We truly have a little boy for sure. He will start kindergarten this fall and we are really praying through what is best for him and our family. We've been talking about all of this lots and what is best for us all---lots of registration deadlines are coming up in the next couple weeks so it all is very consuming and overwhelming to me right now. I can't believe it's time to already begin this new season!

So this looks like a real old picture I know.....I overexposed it and tried to play with it in the editing, but I obviously still couldn't "fix" the lighting issues. But it was the only one I had of her with her hands on her hips and it's just too cute not to post. She kept putting her hands on her hips all day cute!

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