Sunday, March 10, 2013

3 Months

So a little over a week ago this sweet baby girl turned 3 months old! And I let myself call her 2 months probably a little longer....but hey what's the harm in that! Because when your birth day falls on the 30th and there are only 28 days in February....when are you technically another month older?? So it was probably March 2 or 3rd before I accepted she is now officially 3 months! That is the thing about the first count the weeks and then the months that they are.....I don't like that, b/c it just makes them get seemingly big way too fast!

Oh my, I love, love, love this little snugglebug! She is just so much fun and we are all just enjoying every moment with her!

I'm blessed with really good babies....I always kinda wonder those first few weeks during the "adjustment period" but then I soon realize that those were just some moments....and they seem to be on and off b/w 2-6/7 weeks, but after that they are happy and rarely fussy. And thankfully Maggie has proven to fall into this mold! 

So here at 3 months you......

*love to coo, especially back and forth with lots of "ahhhh" it's so sweet!
*smile so big and pretty--love it!
*love to watch and get so mesmerized by your brother and sisters...they adore you and i'm sure in time we'll see how much you will adore them as well!
*sleeping.....well these past few weeks (so maybe 10 weeks up until now) you are actually finally taking more real "naps!" thank goodness! you were stuck in this catnap, sleeping less than 30-45 min and that was hard, but lately you are doing much better!
*speaking of sleep you love sleeping on your belly! R and EC did too (Mary Etta did not)....I put you that way all day but still haven't braved up to do it all at night you seem to wake up b/c I think you want to be on your belly : ( usually around 2-3am, but soothe quickly with your paci
*you'd been only going 5-6 hour stretches at night  (wanting to eat around 3-4 am....but this past week you have gone to 6-7am; so more 7-8 hour stretches....we'll see how the time change affects you : )
*loves lights and music.....your mobile is especially entertaining to you right now

Love this little elephant sleeper.....both your sisters wore it. Fun to see all my girls wearing some of the same sweet outfits. You're wearing more 3-6 month sure are a growing girl!

Love this sweet girl! Trying to soak her in....every minute......her sweet smiles and coos warms my heart! Thankful for her sweet little life, and praying that another Willis will be a faithful servant of the Lord!

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