Saturday, March 23, 2013

A very long week!

So lately it's hard for me to post much on our blog...though I want to because it's one of my main forms of documentaries of all the fast happenings of our little clan around here! They are growing and changing so quickly before our eyes and I want to enjoy and soak it all in....but remember all the sweet moments too! But with piles of laundry, food to prepare, dishes to clean, kids to care for, etc. etc. I find it harder and harder to take pictures, and much less download them and sort through them and even less time to post them on the blog! But last weekend I wanted to document Reed's fun experience being apart of the "all star team" from his basketball league. He had so much fun....and it was fun to see him enjoy the fast paced sport he's come to love (he's loving we are in March Madness and brackets!)

So here is Reed and Andrew.....They are exactly a year apart and Andrew is the son of Casey's former boss, Will. So they've known each other since they were born and go to the same school. So it was fun they got to play on the All-Star team together! They had played against each other during the season....Andrew has played with his dad, Will, coaching the past couple years so his team is really good! They won the championship game, and so it was fun that for All-Stars Reed and Andrew got to play together with Will coaching! They won both their games! 

Reed made a shot in the game and he was so excited! He's number 5

Casey and Reed during the last game! He has loved playing this season.....and now we are about to start up tee ball......we definitely seem to have a little athlete on our hands!

Another big milestone....loosing the first tooth! He was super excited....our boy is just getting so big!

So also this week.....we had some bit of a scare with Reed. He came home Tuesday with red bumps and itching all over. At first I thought chicken we called the doctor...this was the beginning of a very long next 3 days! They tell us it was strep and he needed an antibiotic, and did give a steroid for his swelling....well we were still concerned because the redness and welts were increasing when he came home from the doctor. At 11pm that night his whole face was swelling up....lips, eyelids, cheeks, so we were scared and Casey took him immediately to the ER! They gave him some steroids and we were thinking it was some sort of allergic reaction. I called the pediatrician in the morning and told them what had happened and they still stood on their side of "he has strep"......I was frustrated but at least he appeared to be improving. Well, Wednesday evening the swelling started again! And by 4am the next morning his eyelids were swelling again! So we gave him another dose of the steroid and in the morning knew somebody needed to see him again! Meanwhile this is all we were fever, no sore throat, just the itching and the swelling. Thankfully we have all sorts of doctors at our church....though we weren't sure who was best one suited to call for our situation. We ended up starting with one of the higher up CEOs of the university hospital and he helped get us in to a very busy allergist. So there he got a steroid shot (so much more concentrated dose than the oral) and said to continue the oral ones at home, but to be safe stay on the antibiotic if there is some sort of infection in the body. Finally yesterday he looked back to normal! Poor little's just been a doozy of a week for him! But we are thankful he seems to be back to normal with no more swelling! It sure gave us a good scare! And I intend to follow up with an allergist to see if there is some allergy we don't know about that could have likely triggered all this!

So thankful for this precious little family of ours!!


  1. so glad Reed is okay! so scary.
    sweet, sweet family pic!

  2. poor little guy. glad he's doing better.
    way to go you and casey for keeping it together with 3 other littles at home!
    langston is about to lose her first tooth too. awful on my part - but i don't want her to. i keep telling her, "stop wiggling it!" all of these milestones mean they are getting older:( i should celebrate their growth - and i do (kind of:)) - but time moves so fast!!! langston and reed - almost 7. crazy!!! slow down!!
    beautiful family picture. everyone is looking at the camera!:) it's great. we need tips over here:)

    1. haha lauren! i hear you on the growing!!! dumb me gave him that apple and out that tooth came...what was i thinking?! don't go giving langston any apples : ) and tonight the 2nd one just came out! i saw jen put up a pic of WK saying she's lost 4?!! she's younger than both reed and langston! funny you said that of our pic--notice maggie's almost cut out! my stepdad took it before church when they were here and my parents always struggling working my camera--but it's not half bad! i'm looking forward to hopefully getting a good fam pic like last year at easter from a friend of ours who takes really good pics and offering to take them for several of us after church before our easter lunch! but it seems like with a baby you get a good pic and a month later they've already changed so much and look bigger :(

  3. Hey Erica! So glad you commented on my blog! Awesome that you are friends with Lauren and Kelly too! I love those girls--100% genuine--so thankful for them!
    Can't believe you know Melanie's little sister! You've gotta read that book! Trust me I know about all the lack of time to read, but if you get a few minutes here and there, each chapter is short, and it takes no brain power to enjoy it! Just good for great laughs and some feel good moments! Let me know when you get to read it. And did you ever figure out what the allergic reaction was from? My goodness! Scary stuff!!!