Thursday, February 21, 2013

Basketball star

So back in mid December Reed started playing basketball. Funny how Casey, the college athlete himself, was surprised when Reed began begging to play! Casey grew up playing himself, then on in high school, then in college. His life was basketball.......however he wasn't opposed to Reed playing, he just didn't want to rush or push it at all! So who knows maybe its in the genes or maybe it's living in a basketball frenzy of a's all around him so with his love of sports over the past year he is eager to play them! 

To say he's enjoyed playing these past couple months is speaking of it mildly. Even on the cold days, he is begging to go outside and work on his "drills".....He wants to practice dribbling, shooting, etc. whenever he can! Oh yes he got a basketball goal for Christmas.....very good purchase to say the least!


playing a little defense

This boy is growing so fast! I guess we've truly entered into the "sports season" didn't think at age 6/kindergarten we'd be there already, but we are........but it's fun to watch him work so hard and enjoy something so much. Go Reed!! He sure has lots of cheerleaders to cheer him on!