Monday, June 8, 2009

What we've been up to....

It's been a long two weeks here at the Willis household! Casey left 2 weeks ago tommorrow to go up to the CO summer project, and we 3 stayed behind, since he was only going for 10 days. Thank goodness our wonderful Gigi (my mom) and Nana (Casey's mom) were able to come and stay with us to be an extra set of hands. I'm getting so tired these days, which I know is not just 2 young children but the added pregnancy fatigue all combined! We did have some fun times, so below are some of our pictures.

First trip to the Y-pool! Yeah, it is summer!! Reed had a blast playing in the water--with the exception of his 2 injuries while we were there. When we first got there he got his finger stuck in the door--ouch! And then fell on the concrete later and scraped up his elbow. Ahhh, such as it is having a boy!
We got to meet up with the Carters, and Reed always loves seeing his bud, Deacon! Not that at
2 1/2 and 3 (they are about 5 months apart) they really engage and play tons together, but enjoying seeing one another and just being there together.
Our first trip to the strawberry patch, so much fun! As you see below despite my little strawberry bandit (once I let him take one bite it was over!) we did go home with some very yummy strawberries that we all enjoyed!! All he would do was eat them! He would pick them and then run to the end of the aisle to eat them away from us, too funny!

We met up there with two of my friends who had brought another one of our friend's girls (their mom just had baby #4--and it was a boy after 3 girls, yeah!!!) Here is Reed with Caroline and Eleanor.

My little sneaky bandit caught! How guilty does he look here!
We also got to go to the Children's Museum downtown while Gigi was here, they both seemed to have a blast!
And there was a reptile display that day---and boy was I shocked the little man wanted to touch some of these creatures! He is usually so timid and shy, but surprised me with his eagerness to touch them!

Fun at snack time enjoying the new picnic table! How big does EC look sitting there?!!

Posing with Nana. They both seemed to enjoy their visit with her. Reed had a book reader 24/7 and loved it!

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  1. Erica your family is precious!!!! I would love to see you all.