Thursday, November 15, 2012


So every year (for the past couple years) we have made a "thankful tree" for the month of November. We try to daily (or as close to daily as we can) write something we are each thankful for on a leaf and hang it on the tree! In the past I would always get "thankful for thanksgiving" or "thankful for food" lots......but I'm trying to prompt them a little more asking what made them happy that day or what are they so thankful for today in specific. So we are getting a little better with our thoughts and responses. It is such a great way to help them reflect on our blessings and provisions from the Lord.
 Since we started about 2 weeks ago now our tree looks so much fuller with leaves and all the things we are thankful for!

 I'm thankful for sweet sisters loving a warm day and wanting to picnic in the clubhouse---as they like to call it! Emery-Claire took a blanket up there to sit down on for her and Mary Etta to eat their lunch. 

And of course we are thankful for this sweet and healthy baby girl we will be meeting in just a couple short weeks---wow we can't believe how close it is now! God is so good and full of grace to us......what a blessing and privilege to have another healthy child entrusted to us! This little round face and chunky cheeks remind of what Mary Etta looks like.

here's Mary Etta shortly after she was born.....see how that round face and chunky cheeks do seem to resemble our ultrasound picture!

It will be fun to see if these sisters look alot like! Can't wait to meet and hold her very soon! We are definitely abundantly blessed!

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