Friday, August 29, 2008

Our new ride.....

Three weeks ago we sold our Honda CR-V.........and 1 week later we purchased....yes, a Honda Odessey minivan! I know, I can't believe I drive a minivan. Though as many other friends have said who have purchased them recently, it drives so nice, and it's so much easier to get the kids in and out of. I always felt I was "stepping up" into the CR-V. And Casey loves the extra leg room! That is mainly why we got it sooner than later, he said with the bulky carseats he felt cramed in the driver's seat.

Random cute picture of the week.....the boys were together one evening while I was at a friend's baby shower and had fun with the camera. This one is currently on our screensaver...he kinda looks pitful doesn't he. But yet so darn cute at the same time! I kinda thought it looked like a picture from some sort of advertisement asking for money...just look at those eyes!

P.S. Update on our case any of you were wondering......

We have some potential buyers, finally! They drug their feet for quite some time, seem to be perfectionists and want everything just right! Including the price, which they tried low balling us with a lower offer after we clearly stated over a month ago what our bottom dollar was. But Casey felt if we met them in the middle hopefully they would still go through with it. And so they said yes....but don't get too excited, we are drawing up a contract this weekend with contingencies. Unfortunately they have to sell their house first! Oh yes, so doesn't really seem like much of an offer does it! They referenced earlier they may already know someone who wants it, so we're praying this is the case and they don't have to put it on the market. But they know their offer only stands if they sell theirs before we sell ours. I know it sounds way too confusing! But this is where the Lord has put is, and we're trusting He will work out all the kinks in His perfect timing! So hopefully I will soon post some more official news in the coming weeks.


  1. so glad the minivan worked out for you all. I know that you will love having it.
    And how fun about your house potentially selling.I will pray for buyers to come quickley for the other house.

  2. I hope everything goes great with your house! I bet you will love having your van. Everyone I know who has one has loved it:) Your new layout is adorable.