Wednesday, August 6, 2008

CO Lexington Staff Fellowship

Yesterday we returned from our time in Sandusky, OH, from our 4 day staff fellowship time. This past year we had some very generous supporters who purchased this facility up in Sandusky for CO Lexington to use for summer projects. So after the project ended and the students left on Friday, and all the staff met up at the facility for some training and family fellowship. It is such a great environment, and we all had a great time. Each night after dinner we had a family worship that was very child friendly, so it was so sweet to watch all the children participate and enjoy this time. We have 13 children on our staff team, whoooh! And 10 are girls! Reed had a great time, as there is a big yard with a swingset....he couldn't get enough of being outside! But it was fun to see him enjoy the environment and love watching and being with all the big kids! We took a big team picture, so as soon as we get a copy of it I will post's exciting to see how our team has grown and how the Lord has worked in so many lives through this His people!

Casey and Macey Terrell, she is 3 1/2 years....

Little Hadley Terrell, she is 18 months now.
Leah Hardin with our sweet Emery-Claire! She had soooo many people wanting to hold her this week, and she did great!
Andrew and Reed did well sharing Andrew's they are in the yard, Reed's favorite place to be these past few days!

Macey loved EC....she was cute trying to get EC to smile and "talk" to her.
Little Addie, now 16 months, she is a cutie!
Reed and Mr. Andy....they are big buds!

Our sweet girl, she's growing so fast! I can't believe she is 11 weeks old this week!

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