Monday, August 18, 2008

Seagrove Beach trip!

This was Reed's (and Emery-Claire's too) first real trip to the beach! We spent the week down in Seagrove, FL......Unfortunately, we did have several rainy days :( But we were still able to go and do some fun things too. We were able to take Reed down to the beach several times. He was really unsure at first, but eventually warmed up to the sand and would play in it. He never really took to the ocean. I think with the rain and storms they had on and off last week (and with the moving tropical storm were to continue this week too) the water was real rough with loud crashing waves. He LOVED the pool.. so that was great compared to earlier this summer! They had big wide steps for him to stand in the water and play in it like a big baby pool. We were at the beach and he would ask "pool, pool".
First ice cream cone at Seaside, which is right down the road! He loved it!
Off to the beach to play in the sand!
Emery-Claire in her pool outfit and hat, though she was inside most of the time to be in the shade!
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