Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall Festival Weekend

Well, we had a fun family weekend! These pictures are kinda out of order; I have a hard time downloading so many at a time and when I add more it shifts them out of order, oh well.
All weekend here in Georgetown we had the Festival of the Horses. It's a big deal around here every October, so sad to say, this is actually the first year we've actually checked it out! And we've lived here how long?! Reed loved the parades! So below are some of our pictures from them. And then Saturday we went to a nearby farm to take some pumpkin patch pictures.....well, unlike last year (we really had some cutes ones then) it was hard to get a good one. Reed was soooo distracted by the train they run there and that was all he would look at or talk about! So we did our best; we still have to go pick out our pumpkin so I may attempt one more time with both kids. But I have a feeling the outcome may still be the same!
The "Grande Parade of Horses" is the last day of the festival (Sunday evening). How fun to sit out in our front yard and watch it go by! Reed was so excited! This was a huge horse; you may not be able to tell in this picture. I don't know a ton about horses so not sure what they are all called.
Mom this one is for you! I think it may be your favorite a Tennesse walking horse!
Reed excited to see the parade downtown on Friday night! This is his expression when he's excited about anything!
Yes, the best picture of the two of them from the pumpkin patch....oh well.
This one was a little better, but I'm in it. At least Reed is smiling.

Casey and Reed watching the parade. He was wearing his Tennesse shirt and it was so funny that all the people going by made comments on it! The laughed and said something about a Kentucky dad and Tennessee child! Which Casey would correct them and say he was a Georgia fan and I was the Tennessee fan; even the KY senator went by and commented!


  1. Thanks for the pic of the Walker; I'll have to sch. a visit next oct. at the time of the festival; the pics are great! love you, mom

  2. What beautiful children! I LOVE the pumpkin patch picture of you with the two of them--what do you mean "but I'm in it." That makes it even better and they will treasure that picture of them with their beautiful mommy. I will add your blog to my google reader that I just set up, for sure--thanks so much for your comment the other day and saying hi! I'm so glad you guys are doing well.