Monday, October 20, 2008

Our baby is 5 months old today!

Emery-Claire is almost 1/2 a year old now! She is, of course, the sweetest baby girl ever! She is growing and getting so big, but still seems so little and petite to me. I don't think I mentioned that at her 4 month checkup last month that she only weighed 11 lbs., 10 oz. (which was in the 15%).....Reed was almost 15 lbs. by then! But no concerns from our doc, he says she has got good long and lean genes (since her length is 60% at 24 1/2 inches). Anyways, thought I'd mention some of the fun things we are seeing her do:
  • squealing so much lately; and as she does it Reed thinks it's hilarious and does it back to her!
  • she continues to smile and laugh often; she really loves to watch Reed and smiles quite often at him; I need to capture a photo of that, it is so sweet!
  • she is holding onto more toys, rattles, and of course loves bringing them to her mouth!
  • we seem to be seeing more drooling lately, but no teeth....Reed didn't get his first tooth til he was 10 months old, so with nursing and all maybe I'll be as lucky that hers will take that long too!
  • she is such a "go with the flow" baby (as #2 often are I suppose)....if her schedule is off or disrupted she may fuss some but really tolerates it well considering; and although she doesn't sleep the entire time we may be out and about she'll at least catnap along the way to revive herself (Reed never did this!) so it's nice!
  • she is wearing the 3-6 months (some brands are 6 months) and size 2 diapers now (mainly b/c things were getting so short for her longness) but everything seems to swallow her up and she sometimes looks as though she is swimming in some of her clothes since she is so skinny!
  • even though the nurse said we could start cereal we are holding out! i know everyone has different opinions on this one, but since this #2 I hope to speed through the mess of baby foods and venture onto table foods as quickly as possible less thing to prepare and clean up sounds fabulous to me! so I think I'll push her as long as she'll go! I think with Reed I was excited to start something new and experiment it with him (but don't we all with our first!) but this time, I'm certaintly in no hurry
  • she has some wonderful head and trunk control as she does so well on her tummy to push up and sitting more often in her bumbo seat (thanks for the borrow cousin Brody!)....she has always seemed so strong, but I can tell she is more and more coordinated with it all; and even loves standing on our laps too!

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