Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been tagged

My friend, Raegan, tagged me to list 7 random/weird facts about me. Not sure how interesting these are, but here goes......

1) how sad it is that I started this post yesterday and I am officially sitting down to complete it finally tonight! if this doesn't show how indecisive I am I don't know what does!

2) I love to have my closet color coded! Yes, I know it's dorky, but I feel like I can find things easier when all the same colors are together!

3) ever since I started a blog and got onto facebook, which has been within the last year, I'm addicted to them! I waste way too much time looking at facebook and typing messages, etc. and looking at blogs (of friends, friends' friends, etc....I know it can be a little overboard!!!!)

4) I tend to have a pattern of starting lots of things, but never finishing them....i.e., growing up it was dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, musical instruments; and now it's reading books, starting projects, and finding new hobbies that at first I take off with, but eventually hit a rut with them or get frustrated b/c I don't think I'm any good at them!

5) I've been overseas once in my lifetime....went to England and Scotland.....but sadly I can say I probably should have never gone; if you really want to know why you can ask me but don't think I should post it!

6) If I could do college over again I would love to pursue interior design and decorating; I watch way too many home makeover shows on HGTV (which is probably like my favorite channel), and am constantly amazed at the ideas the designers have on there! I would love to do that!

7) Yeah, last one! This randomly popped in my head....I worked at a Christian sports camp in Missouri (this one is for you Jan!) one summer while I was in college...which is so random seeing as those of you who know me well I have no athletic/sports ability bone in my body! except for my love of working out (which is usually my slow pace running, spinning and lifting weights at the gym)---so how did I work there you're wondering, in the kitchen! Yes, I was a kitchen girl! But one of the greatest summers ever as I made two very dear life long friends there, love you Amy and Jan!

I know some of you have done these tagging lists before, but I don't have that many friends who blog, so I'm tagging Janet, Rebekah, Heather, Andrea, Monica, Emily, and LeAnne!
And if you don't want to do it, fine, but if you do have fun!


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  2. your so funny.I love your over sea's comment. I will have to do this tomorrow.
    thanks for the tag.
    oh, and that was me who deleted the previous comment, I had posted under drew's name, and thought I should put it under mine instead.