Sunday, October 5, 2008

House Situation

Well, I thought I'd make a little update on our house situation. I may have posted awhile back that we've had a contract (through way too many back and forth negotiations) contingent upon the buyers selling their house. I know doesn't make it seem like much of a quick process does it! So last week we had a couple of students come look at our house.....apparently one of the student's dad is looking to buy him and his friends a house. They really liked it they said, but we weren't sure if anything would really come of it. Well, they called back today and said they were really interested, and would be seriously talking with the dad to determine if they plan to move forward! I don't really want to get my hopes up, but after the past 4 months of the previous people (and they've been really difficult people with constant back and forth negotiations, especially after the inspection) wouldn't it just be the Lord's sense of humor to bring this other possible situation our way! I know He knows what is best and has the perfect timing for us to move, and ultimately we have to trust in that. I've been convicted of my awful attitude in all of this because I've easily angered and let myself get so frustrated with how this family has handled the whole situation. When I know it's not at all about them but rather I how I respond in light of this situation the Lord has laid before us! So I certainly don't feel worthy of the Lord providing another alternative, but that always seems to be how he humbles me and brings me to my knees. So if you all wouldn't mind to keep our situation in prayer this coming week, hopefully we'll know something soon! I guess at this point the other family does want our house, but like I said they still have to sell theirs first, which could take who knows how long. And with the students, obviously the dad is ready to buy now! And I have to admit we are ready to move on and be settled. Casey is really working hard driving back and forth to the campus usually 2xs a day (and it can be a 25-30 minute drive). Which may not seem real far, but when it's twice a day I know he gets so much more tired.


  1. we'll be praying for your house to sell really quickly--i am sure you are ready. and NICE job on the elmo cake! we had the same one for aw's 2nd b-day last year. the stars are way exhausting:)

  2. Keep us updated!
    How fun to have two interested buyers.